Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Art for the Kitchen Walls

This week, I have been thinking about dressing up my cubicle at work with a little art, but I keep coming across pieces that I would love to have in my kitchen. I wanted to share a few of my very favorites.

This mushroom print is pretty fabulous. I love the organic botanic style. It's called, Mushrooms, by Wendy MacNaughton on one of my favorite go-to sites for good and affordable art, 20x200. 

 I have such a hard time picking a favorite from this artist, Joel Penkman. All of his paintings are stunning! And you can buy his prints of them on Etsy

This is such a great modern shot! I always think that pastry tips are such lovely sculptural objects and this photo, titled Cake, by Bomobob, is on another great art site, Society 6.

These two prints are by the super awesome Stanley Chow! I love the humor and bold, graphic style. (I love his stuff so much that Michael Caine, may, or may not be, hanging in my living room!) You can buy Stanley's prints on his iphone app, as well as his site here.

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