Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Iron Chef in My House Every Week

Today was our day for our weekly delivery of local, organic produce by Vegetable Husband. My husband and I have been looking for an organic local co-op to join for a long while, but the problem we had with most co-ops is that you have to pick up your food at a certain place and time each week. This is just not an option for our schedules. We work late, or have plans and almost always are running around like maniacs on the weekends trying to squeeze everything we couldn't do in the week into two short days.
Then, one magical day, last October, a colleague told my husband that she had found a local, organic co-op which delivers directly to your door! We joined almost immediately, and have found that we are not spending any more on produce than we were previously. Even though we joined in the winter months, we have been enamored with the variety of vegetables that have come our way. This week we have: sweet potatoes, sunchokes, carrots, roma tomatoes, collards, green peppers, kale, and thyme. And though the roma tomatoes and green peppers came from Florida, due to the hard frost we had this past week, everything else is from Georgia! It's an incredible feeling knowing that a large portion of your food is going directly to someone in your backyard.
So, this is sounding a bit like an ad for Vegetable Husband, but what I really want it to be is an ad for local farmers. Every week we are presented with this amazing basket of surprises from our home state, and it is a new and exciting challenge to figure out what to make for dinner. I never knew that broccoli greens were edible and delicious! They taste just like broccoli heads, but look similar to collards. I removed the stems and made one of the best broccoli casseroles I've ever had.
I'm very excited this week to have sunchokes; they are an amazing vegetable that you rarely see in your supermarket. They taste like an artichoke mixed with a potato. Slice them and saute them in butter and you will have an amazing treat. However, in fairness, I do get the occaisonal thing that I am not excited about, i.e. collards. Luckily, I can leave them all to my husband!


  1. Nice stool!

    Also, collards are awesome. You got any you don't want, just send 'em to me.

  2. Does Athens have anything that delivers? Been meaning to sign up, but my schedule is pretty prohibitive of set pickup times as well.

  3. I joined Nature's Garden and am expecting my first delivery today. Imagine my delight when I discovered that they could deliver to my doorstep even way out in the suburbs. I am super pumped about it!

  4. Pretty Cool. We too have been looking for a company to deliver fresh produce way out in the burbs. I am contacting both Nature's Garden and Vegetable Husband to see about delivery. Looking forward to your weekly posts.

  5. I would not even know what to begin to do with all that.

  6. Looks yummy! Great idea! I've already been looking forward to March when I can turn my garden under again and get ready for April plantings.